Italian Crepe Paper - 180g roll - 601 Coral Pink

Italian Crepe Paper - 180g roll - 601 Coral Pink

SKU: IT601

The weight of these Crepe Papers allows you to reduce the transparency and ensure a great intensity of staining.


At the same time, the increased stiffness of the material it gives the mechanical characteristics more pronounced.


They are ideal for countless applications, from floral decorations and packaging, to decoupage and all those processes that require a card with high levels of consistency and elongation.
- Roll 180g 50x250 cm
- Weight 144 g / m²
- 260% Elongation
- Base Paper 40g / m² 100% pure cellulose
- Normative ref REACH and EEC 67/548.
- Could release color when in contact with water, moisture, acids and fats.
- Not treated with flame retardants.


Manufactured in Italy by Cartotecnica Rossi.