Superhero Smartphone Movie Kit

Superhero Smartphone Movie Kit


Write, create and direct your own animated blockbuster movie and film the whole thing on your smart phone!


For any budding animator, film director and superhero fan. This kit is packed with movie props, activities and handy tips to run your own movie studio. 


Build a camera rig with the cardboard pieces inside - then learn how to storyboard, develop characters and create special effects. We will explain the process of how to make a stop frame animation, frame by frame. All you need is your camera phone and lots of imagination!

Contents: 9x rigid card studio camera rig pieces, 1x 8 page movie making guide, 6x colourful prop sheets, 3x double sided backdrop sheets, 1x character parts tracing sheet, 1x backdrop props tracing sheet


Made from corrugated card, 140g wood free paper, 120g Artpaper


Age 7+