Pill Vase

Pill Vase


A sustainable two-tone Pill Vase made from Bamboo.


The striking Pill vase will look great in any setting from Office to Kitchen. Its unique fluid design and two tone colourway is a great accessory for any room or interior scheme.


• Biodegradable

• Plastic free

• Agricultural by product

• Eco-friendly


Husk is an evolution of the ethos we have held for the last twenty years with sustainability at heart. We use agricultural waste, such as coffee husk and chaff, mixed with plant fibres to create the advanced biodegradable composite that forms our design led, Pots, Planters, Vases and more…

Available in colourways: White/Grey, Bronze/Grey, Olive/Grey.

made from:

Made from: Bamboo.


Not suitable for food contact.

Last up to 7 years before they start to become weak and non functional. This can vary depending on how you look after the product.


To dispose of the product, simply crush and bury it under the ground. If you want your product disposed of professionally we recommend Teracycle.


Our Husk pots can go outside, although this may effect the life of the product. They are frost proof, and are tested from -40 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees.



14.6cm x 27.7cm