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Werola - colours

Since I've been asked a few times how my German florist crepe paper compares to the Lia Griffiths ones I thought I'd put together this little guide.

Both my florist crepe paper and Lia Griffiths heavy crepe paper are made by the same German company, Werola - so it's basically the same. While my version is sold by the roll (each roll is 50cm by 2.5m), the Lia versions tend to be sold as part of multi-packs. So, if you've bought a Lia Griffiths multi-pack and want more of only a few colours you can buy them by the roll from me!

ArloArts (i.e. me) uses the Werola colour names because that's what I order! As for colour comparisons here's the the Lia colours and the ArloArts equivalent (in most cases the same colour but with a different name, or if not the same then the closest match).

* indicates the Werola name but not currently available through ArloArts, so basically I don't currently stock Clover aka Tropic Green,

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